Gatz (gatsbyfan) wrote,

yes, that's your nurse and doctors

Mom calls me at work this morning all excited. Asks me if I was listening to the radio (a.k.a. WGN). Disappointed when I said "no, npr" she goes on to explain that they had some scientist on the radio coming up with freaky experiments for the cold.

Apparently Mom and a couple of the doctors (she works in a hospital) decided to try one out. They heated up water in the microwave and put it in a plastic cup and threw it out a window. When doing so, the water instantly disappears. Here's a clip of John Williams illustrating it today. (In the background you can see my lovely office building across the street.)

Nice to see our medical professionals hard at work...

In other family matters... I am SOOOOO tempted to send this eCard to my father. Though, I'd probably just have to listen to some diatribe after so it wouldn't be worth the lecture. (But it is oh so tempting.)

And lastly, I learned a valuable lesson walking to and from work today. There is a major difference between -17F and -2F. Walking 10 minutes in -17 results in your face turning all red looking like you have sunburn and your legs tingle. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's heatwave of 20something F. Though it is supposed to be accompanied by the ugly white stuff.
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