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Jan. 30th, 2009 06:10 pm (UTC)
Yes, but...

My grammar school was over a mile away and I had to walk down the middle of the street to get there on more than one occasion. And in high school I would have still had to walk either 7 blocks and take one bus or 4 blocks and take two buses. Both of which were the suburban line which meant they only came about once every 30 minutes. (Thankfully my friend's dad could take us before I got my car when I was 17.)

If I went to the Public high school it would have been worse because the closest high school was still not easy to get to. At least two different buses.

Plus, CPS has many magnet schools which means kids are bused to other areas of the city. Not the school a block away.

Several of our Suburbs have just as much sprawl. My cousin lives in a burb up north. There are several hills. Those hills become a mess during winter. I think school was canceled once for her. And it was only because cars were literally sliding down the road sideways because of the ice.