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episode:  1.4 Au Courant

Summary of what happened.

I should have known things would be bad when Mason's daughter appeared. She's the girl who played Luke's daughter on Gilmore Girls. I hated her there and I found her annoying here. I had HUGE problems with Mason seeking advice from her. I mean come on. He has to know that she isn't the typical teenage. If he is that out of touch... they deserved to be fired from Mark Shale.

Mason tries to defend his daughter and mentions that he set up her facebook page. Um, if you had to set up her facebook page that should have been your first clue not to use her for market research. And a teenage with only 3 friends, one being her math teacher, I don't buy it unless the page was created 5 minutes ago.

(The same was true later on with Mason having no friends. He's supposed to big a big shot in an agency and he has no friends? Please.)

Leonard Cohen. Um again... really? Come on. Not a choice for a hip teenager.

I wasn't overly fond of the Sarah's rumored to be a lesbian story. I feel like that's been done before. 

The thing with Spike Jonze... again. Spike is a well known. A smart Creative Director wouldn't have picked someone as well known as Spike Jonze. 

The advertising stuff just really bothered me this week. And maybe its because I have a family member who works for an agency in town and I work closely with two guys who have their own agency after working for some bigger firms in town. They just aren't that out of touch. Even if they are married and live in the suburbs.

There were some funny lines here and there but overall, I liked last week's episode better.




Feb. 18th, 2009 05:18 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I just don't see how he DIDN'T know that he was using her. (Not to get laid, to help Mason, though sex might have been a bonus.) I guess I would have preferred it if he thought she was as casual about it as he was.
I think he was hoping, without asking too many questions, that she was equivalently casual about it. But "it's really nice to hear your voice" should have tipped him off right away. If it had been casual, she would have said "Hey, Conner!", right? Something that indicated that, for Amanda, Conner equals "good time," not "old flame."

This was a favor for a friend, yes, but something not that important (a director for an ad?), something that Mason didn't really deserve and which stomped on an innocent person in the process. Too much ick for me. ... I just think they made a misstep here.
I do, too. I don't think they're setting up Conner to be that kind of guy.

But like I said, I love the show and love the characters and I just think this was a mistake.
Me, too! I'm not bothered by them not getting the professional details correct in this episode. They've written some great characters here, and cast terrific, funny actors to play them. That's enough for me. :-)