Gatz (gatsbyfan) wrote,

trust me: the boys are back!

They are back! They aren't stupid. And they brought the funny.

This week's episode, Way Beyond the Call. Summary of episode is here.

I have a lot to say but not enough time at the moment.

First, I LOVED the boys in this episode. They were smart and funny. And very, very good looking. Seriously, that's just too much pretty on one screen.

I liked how upset Conner got when he discovered that Mason sent his book off to a headhunter.
"You trying to find a job without me?  You designed a logo!"

(Because designing a logo is huge.)

Conner then gets upset that Mason is alluding that he is acting like a child  and "needs big strong Mason" to take care of him. And what is the first thing he does... changes the reservation to what I imagine is a hipper hotel.  That is if Shutters allows children.

I continue to like the interaction between Sarah and Conner.  He checks her out when she wears a much improved outfit. 
Conner: Big Date?
Sarah: With my ex-husband
Conner: Small Date.

Also loved the look on his face when he stole her champagne.

I felt so bad for Sarah. She doesn't appear to have many friends. She sends herself a big basket and makes plans to go out with her ex-husband. It sounds like they had an amicable split and they clearly still care for each other but... she isn't moving on. And her ex is right. Nothing is going to change if they continue like that.

I'm not sure what to make of Denise. Is she trying to get rid of Tony? She doesn't seem to really respect him especially after her comment to Conner and Mason after they made the commercial after being told the client is putting the business up for review.

Oh and the commercial... I liked it.

(More later when I'm not supposed to be working.)

And... were my eyes deceiving me or was that Ed of Ed & Larry fame?
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