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trust me: massages stress me out too, mason

Wow, six episodes already... that went very quickly.

This week's episode was: Promises, Promises

Mason is going to have outrageous sex. Hotel sex. With the lights on and everything. (I'm guessing there are quite a few women would wouldn't mind having sex with him or Eric M...)

Sarah is wearing a sweater with sunflowers. WHY?! All that progress last week and then she wears that. Not that there's anything wrong with it. Its just that its what my best friend would call a "teacher sweater". 

Mason walks into the office and is shocked (but not really) to find Conner there getting a massage from Shannon.
"Massages stress me out." - I completely agree with Mason. Hate them. Always have.

Side note: Is it wrong that while I appreciate that Tom C has a great body, I prefer him with clothes on? What's wrong with me?

Connor's funny accent CRACKED me up.

I love that they actually throw in references that make sense. Sometimes shows that are set in Chicago get it very wrong (e.g. Due South- East Side of Chicago) These writers so far have gotten a lot of things right. Tonight, Ann Sathers & the Olympic bid. The Chicago 2016 bid was huge here and I liked that they worked it into the show. 

Sadly, you just knew that something would come in the way of Mason's staycation. Poor Erin.

Conner: Go, you have a wife.
Mason: You mean a life?
Conner: No.


Another thing that was blatantly obvious... Julie wouldn't be partnered with Sarah for long.  I wasn't really loving Julie (that actress sort of annoys me) but she totally had a point. Sarah mislead her about the job.  I'm glad she quit.

Also blatantly obvious: Mason wouldn't be able to abdicate responsibility to Conner. Conner totally lost it and let the power (and maybe stress) go to his head. Only his ideas were working. Um, no. Way to empower the team, Conner.

I loved Mason's reaction to Sarah's complaint about Julie. Boy did she pick the wrong day to make that complaint about not performing and being committed. Of course Mason is going to have a strong reaction to her comment. 

The 5th star... I'm still not sure what to make of Tony. One moment I want to feel sorry for him, the next minute I think he's a bit of an asshole. (But at least the boys bonded over their reaction to Tony's power play in the end.)

Mason runs to met Erin at the hotel... "I am enthusiastic. I promise I'll do the best I can."  I'm glad they get together because I wouldn't want them to get a divorce. I like the contract between Mason being the family guy living in the burbs with Conner being the city guy living the life.

Preview for next week: YES! We find out what happened between Sarah and Mason.
So what did you think?
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