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trust me: two times the fun

This week we had not one fabulous episode but two! More Mason & Conner = Happy (but tired) gatz. (Crazy friends who keep you on the phone talking about things...)

Episode: 1.8 - What's the Rush

Episode: 1.9 - Odd Man Out

I really liked these two episodes! So much fun.

Dave the account exec wants everyone to wear orange. Because that would be subtle because we all know how popular the color is with men. I loved how up tight Dave was thinking that Conner was just going to screw the meeting up and poof, he gets the logo on the screen. 

Poor Sarah. That woman from It's Just Lunch was so beyond annoying. "A lot of our girls don't mind skewing older." "Well okay... 70's fine as long as he's rich and terminally ill." Loved the delivery of that line.

I know it was kind of cliche to flip back and forth between the two scenes (meeting with Diane from Hydrenaline’ & Sarah at IJL) but I thought it worked.

Mason thinks Diane is flirting with him. Run Away! Run Away like the Wind! Diane is from Crazy Town. You just knew she'd be trouble. She just had that air about her. I instantly hated the character.

Loved how Mason was upset that Erin wasn't really concerned about the idea of some woman flirting with him. I also like how after crazy-lady calls Mason's house she starts to second guess herself and has that awkward conversation with her daughter. And then later when Tony thinks Mason is having sex with Crazy, its his wife. I loved Tony's reaction. He so did not see that coming. But come on! Erin is hot.

Conner! NOOoooooooo. Of all people... don't sleep with the crazy. Go after Sarah! 

I thought it was a bit anvil-ish when Tony confronts Mason about Diane and he states "I promise you, you have nothing to worry about" and Conner comes busting through the door.  

I LOVED Sarah and Conner together. They were adorable when he was helping her work on her profile. That was such a sweet scene. The looks between the two were great. 

Conner: The ability to listen might not exist in the male species 

I'm glad Sarah spoke up to Diane she was insane. There was no need to yell at Sarah and Conner. I know that she represented a huge part of the $78 mil that they have to replace, but boy I just wanted them to drop out and say something to her boss about her insane behavior.

Conner goes out to the suburbs to talk to Mason and try to find a way to save this mess. I love how Erin just immediately welcomes him in and starts taking care of them. 

Conner's reaction after hearing Sarah had a date... was it just me or did he seem disappointed? I thought I saw something there. (Ryan the date=adorable and cute.)

I love that the boys were able to turn the tables on Diane and use her behavior as the pitch. The only thing that would have been better would have been her boss recognizing it.

And the episode ends with just the most perfect looks from the boys.

Old Man Out

Mason: I'm the other woman.

It was predictable that they would insult Omahu and then Lewis would be living there. It was also predictable that Conner would end up feeling guilty and getting him a job.

Another Local reference: Empty Bottle.

Tom and Hector are arguing. Tom wants to spend some alone time with the girl friend, and not every moment of the day with Hector. Hector doesn't have anyone (and is still pining for Sarah).

Loved that Mason and Erin find out about Haley from their son. Mason wants to have a moment with Haley about her first love and it totally backfires when Erin starts talking about Derek. (Who they both end up googling later.) 

Opportunity for Beer... big beer. Every ad agency's dream because they have deep pockets.

Sarah's "The Crow is in the Barn" and "The winds are warm this time of year" was funny. So awkward. So Sarah. Of course, Masonw would tell Conner.

Sarah: I'm a total guy's guy
Mason: No one would ever doubt that.

Steve looks like a sweet kid.  That Mason totally outs his daughter's crush was brutal. I liked how later Steve slips the letter under the door. I knew that Mason would read it. And when he brought it to work, I knew it would be Conner to actually open it. I did love Conner's line "Steve.... I don't like Steve". He's like the uncle that tries to protect you from things and would totally take you out to get drunk.

I didn't like that Conner used Hector's work and passed it off as Lewis'. I understand the jam he was in but it was just wrong. I liked how he was going to fess up but wasn't given the opportunity to because Tom already ratted him out. Tom may be fighting with Hector but he knows that Hector's work on that job was fantastic. He deserved credit for the work.

I like that Mason sent the work directly to Stu. Nice move. But I'd watch you're back. That Diane is crazy. You never know what she'll do. 

You almost knew that Simon would end up getting involved in one of the jobs... if not both. I really liked that it wasn't Lewis that told Simon. Lewis might not be that talented but he's a stand up guy.

Tom and Hector make up.  And go to the movies where Tom procedes to make out with his girlfriend.

Loved the final scene with Conner. It was a bit of an omage to that famous Maxell commercial.

I know I missed a bunch of other things I liked but I'm tired of typing..
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