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my boys: you learn something new every day

quaggy_mire  isn't going to be happy, but I am!

Episode 3.1 - Welcome Back, Kalla Fotter

I missed my show! 

Bobby doesn't get married. That was predictable. You knew he wouldn't get married. It would completely throw off the dynamic of the group.

Loved the boys gathering outside of Bobby''s room.  For the life of me, I will never understand men's fascination with facial hair. Who gets bored and decides to have a mustache contest?

I love the writers for that. It was ridiculous but so worth the laughs. (I read something that the actors really got into the contest and we're updating their own FB pages with photos.)

Three things that Mike does well:
1. Change a flat tire
scare babies, live in a house with one chair
2. Soothe the wild dog
3. Grow facial hair

God, I missed Mike.

Andy: So even if you win, you still lose.  = YES!

God, I missed Andy.

I love that the boys didn't remember the end of Greece until PJ reminded them of Olivia Newton John and the black pants. Of course, they would remember that.

Andy referring to Mike's mustache: Amber Alert . Soooo on the money. He did look sort of Chester the Molester.

Stephanie calls out PJ for still being hung up on Bobby and not telling her about Bobby coming to her door the night before the wedding but... she fails to tell her about Kenny. I have a feeling the Stephanie/Kenny thing is going to come back up at some point.

I love than Brendan want's to leave space for Bobby in case he shows up. Every now and then they show how much the boys care. Last time it was Kenny worrying about Bobby.

Here's the part where I'm loathe to admit that I didn't know that thing about left field. I knew the Cubs used to play on the West Side, but I never knew that the origin of the phrase "out of left field" was due to them. 

From Wikipedia: 
The phrase "out of left field" has come to be used in popular vernacular to describe any idea which seems wildly unrelated to the subject being discussed. This arose at Chicago's second West Side Park, home of the Chicago Cubs from 1893-1915. After the Cubs moved to what is now Wrigley Field the property eventually became the home of the University of Illinois College of Medicine. The U of I built its Neuropsychiatric Institute building in what had been left field, leading to the association with somebody or something that is a little off or crazy.

PJ finally admits to Bobby that she's actually kind of crazy about him and has been for a long time. And Bobby is too.
Gatz is happy.
quaggy_mire wishes it were Brando

And I totally have seen the guy who yells at the el. He has NEVER looked like Bobby...It he had, I might still be taking public transportation.


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