Gatz (gatsbyfan) wrote,

enters date on calendar

Thanks to the good folks handling the Mad Men fan page on Facebook we now know that the Season 2 DVDs (and Blueray) are coming out on July 14th.

They include:
- Audio commentaries with cast and crew on all 13 episodes

- “Birth of an Independent Woman, Part 1 and Part 2” – from housewives to working women, this featurette examines the rise of female independence in the Mad Men era

- “An Era of Style” - this featurette explores the fashion of the 1960’s and its lasting influence on designers today

- “Time Capsule” - interactive featurettes paying homage to historical events of the 1960's and the daring generation that lived through them

I am now so looking forward to this set. Any bets on how long it takes for me to pre-order the set on Amazon?
Tags: dvds, mad men, no i don't have an amazon problem

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