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yesterday was lovely

Spring... It was good while it lasted.

So the best friend and I decided to take advantage of the fabulous weather and head to the Chicago Botanic Garden yesterday. (I'm a member.) 

Tiny Daffodils. Yes, they are actually tiny. It's not that I'm far away.

During the summer the English Garden is one of my favorite spots. I love the gates to the entrance. Its such a great shade of blue.

Field of Iceland Poppies. They were just gorgeous.

I loved the reflection in this picture.

Duck! and more Daffs.

My favorite statue. There's just something about it. Though it does look better in the Fall when its surrounded by the warm colors and tons and tons of mums.

I prefer orange lilies but these white ones were just too pretty. Especially surrounded by the pink flowers.

Close up on the lilies. .

Now I'm in denial that I have to go to work tomorrow. Ugh. I really need an extra day off.

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