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Gardening makes me happy. The bad thing is that because I live in a condo, my gardening space is fairly limited.  But that doesn't stop me from adding some color. It's all about the pretty flowers.

And because the weather was so beautiful out I finished planting the flowers on my balcony today.

Every year I stick with the petunias and vinca vines. This year I threw a spike in there for some height.

Eventually they will get split up. I'll probably put the white container on the little table I have. I LOVE the little blue flowers. I have no idea what they are but I had to have them. Same with the red gerber daisies. I'm the worst. I just get distracted by the pretty and buy them with no real plan. 

This might be my favorite. Pink gerber daisies and little blue flowers. (We'll see how long it lasts before I find a way to kill it.)

I also made yet another run to the nursery for flowers for the condo building. I did the planters today before I ran out of potting soil yet again. I'll have to make yet another trip to the nursery tomorrow so I can finish planting this stuff before it all dies.

I love long relaxing holiday weekends.



May. 24th, 2009 12:09 am (UTC)
Vinca vines are made of win - and totally indestructable. I once had one live - and continue to grow - ALL WINTER LONG. It was insane.

You're planters are very pretty - I like the reds and oranges in particular. Now we can both sit outside and pretend we are going back to nature. *g*
May. 27th, 2009 12:58 am (UTC)
Vinca vines are the work horse of plants. Horrid days of rain... they survive. Weather in the 100s+ with little water... they survive. They are the only flowers that I never have to replace. And bonus: they look fabulous with Mums.

I was drawn to red and orange this year. Last year it was pink and purple. But the selections have little to do with what type of plant and everything to do with "pretty". It's like the equivalent of ::shiny things::