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suck it, dora

Newsweek has a good article on "Sesame Street", That Show That Counts.

Reading the article reminded me how truly remarkable that show has been. It's easy to dismiss it as just a children's show, but the show was truly ground-breaking.

(And what does Dora give us???? Nothing but yelling at backpack.)



May. 27th, 2009 03:53 am (UTC)

There are some things you just don't change. Coooookie is one of them.

Although, Cookie Monster singing about "Healthy foooood, taste so goooood....." blinged out with about 20 gold chains and with the fruits and vegetables as back-up singers.....that was a quality trip, right there. :-)

It's hard to say whether Classic Sesame Street or the current version is better. I'm tempted to say Classic, but, looking back on youtube, there was definitely some stuff that probably should have had the 'adult' edges smoothed just a bit. On the other hand, *as* an adult, seeing a little 'bite' is interesting. These days, there's too much of some stuff, and not enough of others. Too much damn Elmo. I like the *character*, but the voice is gratingly annoying. As is that damn dancing elephant. And I really miss that there's hardly any time for classic things like Bert & Ernie, or the Two-Headed Monster smashing their heads together while they tried to sound out words. The phonics element seems to have been trimmed to single-letters. I don't get that, but whatevs.

and, I'd watch a lot more Sesame Street if my PBS station was sensible about showing it....they show it twice a day--at 10am, and at 12pm. Yes, that's right....the first one ends, wait an hour, and look! There's the SAME DAMN EPISODE again. I mean, sheesh! Give it two or three hours, willya?

Thanks for linking, that was a really interesting article.