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What's almost as good as new episodes of your favorite tv show? Watching someone discover the brilliance of The West Wing.

Bottom line: I'm lovin' The West Wing, and each episode is engrossing me more and more. (I'm also going to do away with grades, since the episodes have been getting better and better… not much room to grow, eh?)

For added enjoyment

Alan also has threads on Band of Brothers, though I still prefer our marymary 's threads. No one can top her color commentary and polls.

So while I wait for Mad Men to begin its new season, I can read through this threads and contemplate watching some of my old favorites on DVD again.


Jul. 7th, 2009 02:08 am (UTC)
Timing, timing, timing.... sigh. I stumbled on the BoB stuff the other day and meant to ask you (all) if you'd seen it. Haven't read it yet, but will soon. Though I think you're right, gatz; mary can't be topped. :)

Fresh WW commentary is somehow perfect for tonight; thank you! Went straight to Crackpots, just because. Where I found:

And in the spirit of celebrating, Bartlet decides to throw an impromptu chili dinner in honor of his daughter Zooey, who is visiting from Sterling Cooper in New York.

... because all things (and all the best shows) converge eventually. :)

(I'd kinda like to see what this guy would do if he *did* take notes, you know? :)