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be wary of meetings without agendas

2 hour meetings that start at 9:30am to discuss a meeting in two weeks should not involve lunch, several glasses of wine and end after 5:00pm.

Just saying.

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Jul. 8th, 2009 12:38 am (UTC)
"Mommy has meetings...."
Yeah, that's how I describe my job to my godchild. That and I print a book like a yellow pages.

This meeting was brutal because the boss didn't really know what she wanted but she wanted something like...

At one point the VP leaned over and said, "let them wander off... I think they are on to something".

It was actually a productive meeting all things considered. BUT I had things planned for today. And then I found out that our budget meeting is on Friday when I wanted the day off.

Sucks to be an adult and an "essential" department head.