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tv news to that makes me happy

I'm such a nerd. I'm stuck in my office and combing through my twitter feed watching the info coming out of the TCA.

Things that make me beyond happy:

@denisemartin: A Ricky Gervais/ Stephen Merchant animated series is on the way -- why can't every network be like HBO??

@MoRyan: HBO TCA session: The Pacific, war series, debuts March; Treme, New Orleans show frm David Simon, debuts April. 3rd seasn In Treatment likely

@MoRyan: At HBO TCA session: Execs say they want a 3rd season of Flight of the Conchords. "I'm sure that'll happen" when they are ready, sez Plepler

I hope this is just the beginning of more good tv news. 



Jul. 31st, 2009 01:53 am (UTC)
Well to be honest, I posted the news about the date about 5 minutes after I saw the tweet. So maybe their post the news soon. Obviously, like you, I am eagerly anticipating that one.

If they can capture a fraction of the magic that they produced in BoB... it will be amazing.

And you are completely right about Mr. Merchant.