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mad men: "out of town"

My show is back!

When last we left the good people of Sterling Cooper a lot of things happened. I'm not going to attempt to summarize. I don't have that kind of time. 

Season 3, Episode 1: Out of Town
Salvatore and Don take a business trip out of town. Pete Campbell and Ken Cosgrove worry about the changes at Sterling-Cooper and how the changes will impact them.

The times are a changing.... so grab your martini and come discuss the changes -both personal and professional - in the lives of Don, Betty, Joan, Peggy, Pete and the rest of the gang.


Aug. 17th, 2009 04:19 am (UTC)
So...Pete is still Pete. Whatever, surprise me for once, Pete.

One thing I noticed this time was in the previouslies, from the season finale. I had forgotten Pete's line to Peggy when she tells him she's had his baby. He says, "Why would you tell me that?" Wow, what a great line. It's not "Why did you do that?" or "Why didn't you tell me back then?" or "What happened to MY SON?" All he wants to know is why she's injecting this into his life right now. Incredible. Big hand for the writer of that line. That's a great example of why this show is so strong.

I actually don't quite understand the plot line with the British not-secretary. (BTW, gatz, from now on I'm totally calling it a "British accident." *g*)

So far I like Peggy better than last season.

Still loving Joan. I especially loved her calm and commanding conversation in the hallway while the fired guy broke lots of stuff in his office.

I liked Don's line to the stewardess, when she says he might be her last chance. "I've been married a long time. There are lots of chances." Heh. So I guess Don and Betty are still Don and Betty and the baby just cements them in place.

Boy, that Don backstory was hard to watch, huh?
Aug. 24th, 2009 12:15 am (UTC)
(BTW, gatz, from now on I'm totally calling it a "British accident." *g*
This is why I shouldn't post when I'm tired and in a hurry. But that is funny.