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mad men: "out of town"

My show is back!

When last we left the good people of Sterling Cooper a lot of things happened. I'm not going to attempt to summarize. I don't have that kind of time. 

Season 3, Episode 1: Out of Town
Salvatore and Don take a business trip out of town. Pete Campbell and Ken Cosgrove worry about the changes at Sterling-Cooper and how the changes will impact them.

The times are a changing.... so grab your martini and come discuss the changes -both personal and professional - in the lives of Don, Betty, Joan, Peggy, Pete and the rest of the gang.


Aug. 18th, 2009 05:07 pm (UTC)
Another thing I loved (to hate) is the consistency in Pete's "aiming for human emotion and missing by *thismuch*" personality. So MAD and UPSET to have to SHARE something that should be rightfully HIS because he's, you know, HIM! What. an. asshat.

I actually don't see it as being an asshat, so much as simply being an infant. He has never moved beyond a very young child's exceptionally egocentric stage of emotional/cognitive development. It's sad, really.

And yeah....totally disappointed for Sal. :-(

The whole thing with Sal was so well-played. Because as much as we love Don, and want to ascribe positive sensibilities to him--he is still a product of his time, and would certainly have some disgust at the situation. The fact that they could show that, yet still have Don be sympathetic to Sal's situation (because in a way, he shares it) was fantastic.

I was actually hoping that Don would resist, this time. Because the stewardess was doing most of the work. Still have hope for Don--still see him as the good guy, even when it's apparent that he's such a cad. Another very talented walk of the line.

I've been interested in the art, for some reason (and I haven't actually worked it out yet). Except that it's very linear--with lots of tangled and crossing lines. The octopus. The strange brown wooden thing tacked to Cooper's wall. The lines of the ant farm. Thin, intersecting, choking lines.

Well. Maybe there's my answer right there. :-) God, I love this show.