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mad men: "love among the ruins"

It's so nice to come to the end of the weekend and look forward to something on tv. I love this show.  This week's episode for those of us that don't have the iTunes season pass and didn't get the release last Monday:

Episode 2: Love Among the Ruins
Betty gets a visit from her father. Sterling Cooper grapples with a very specific client request. Roger makes arrangements for a wedding. Peggy becomes personally affected by a campaign.

Roger planning a wedding? The writers love us. Grab your martini and join in the discussion.


Aug. 24th, 2009 02:13 pm (UTC)
Here's my take on Betty's dad's situation. First of all, I love how Don responds so quickly to Betty being miserable. She's clearly in a lot of pain, and, I think, feels that she *can't* or *won't* ask Don to have her father move in with them. He immediately, after having that conversation on the stairs, when it's clear that the idea of having a woman who is not her care for her dad is unacceptable to her, corners the brother and tells him how it's going to go down. Because he's the Alpha Male, and everybody in that house knows it.

Also, the brother is kind of skeezy, but the sister-in-law actually does seem to have her heart in the right place.

I don't know if anyone else noticed this, but she reaches out to Don and touches him during the scene when they talk to her father about it at the table. I think she's genuinely touched by what Don has done. But, yes, I don't think they've really processed what they're in for....

Thanks for the enlightenment on the scene at the bar, Tommy. The sound mixing was pretty poor--I just couldn't hear what they said...

Gatz, yes, Joan looked yuuuuge! There was the whole conversation between her and Betty about carrying--I wonder if Joan is already pregnant?

I also hadn't caught the significance of the daughter's wedding date, but I loved Sterling's "I could have cared less about that wedding...now, I just want to win!" Terrible, yes, but it's what has made him successful, isn't it? That kind of competitive spirit...

This whole episode makes me wish I've seen some kind of version of Bye, Bye Birdie. I wonder if they had to pay someone to show that much of the movie?