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mad men: 'my old kentucky home'

Another Sunday, another episode of GOOD tv.  Tonight's installment:

Season 3 Episode 3: My Old Kentucky Home
The writers fight off boredom when they are forced to work after hours. Roger hosts a party while Joan and Greg host a party of their own. Sally has a run in with Grandpa.

I may have to hide my remote because I have a feeling I'm going to want to throw it at the tv at Greg, the rapist.

You know the drill, grab your cocktail and come in and chat about Don and the rest of the gang at Sterling Cooper.


Aug. 31st, 2009 03:38 am (UTC)
I think the most awkward moments in this weeks episode involved Roger.

Roger in black face was just painful. I felt almost as uncomfortable in that moment as Don did. I just wanted to get away. I realize that I'm looking on it with modern eyes, but oh how awful.

The altercation with Don is also awkward. Roger confronts Don after he sees his wife grabbing at Don. Hey, it's not Don's fault Jane got plastered and can't control her booze.

Don: 'No one thinks your happy they think your foolish'
Roger: 'That’s a great thing about places like this. You can come here and be happy and you get to chose your guests.'

Poor delusional Roger. He just doesn't get it. Most people think he is a fool. They aren't jealous of him. They feel sorry for him.