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mad men: 'my old kentucky home'

Another Sunday, another episode of GOOD tv.  Tonight's installment:

Season 3 Episode 3: My Old Kentucky Home
The writers fight off boredom when they are forced to work after hours. Roger hosts a party while Joan and Greg host a party of their own. Sally has a run in with Grandpa.

I may have to hide my remote because I have a feeling I'm going to want to throw it at the tv at Greg, the rapist.

You know the drill, grab your cocktail and come in and chat about Don and the rest of the gang at Sterling Cooper.


Aug. 31st, 2009 10:54 pm (UTC)
Loved Pete dancing. That was very Pete, to have a choreographed routine in the can. :-)

Loved Joan on the accordion. Just...the way they revealed that was fabulous. She plays...something. We don't know what. And it turns out to be the accordion. Fantastic. The visual was also wonderful. And of course she manages to make it sexy.

Interesting looking at her marriage through my eyes. (And to do this, I have to put aside the fact that her fiance essentially raped her in the office that time.) The big dogs on this show are Don and Roger. And they're both good looking guys, and very successful. And I think we're meant to believe that, on some level, Joan feels she missed the chance to marry Roger and that he would have been her preference.

But I look at her hubby and go, "Um HOT." Depending on your taste, he's as good looking as JH and has a very nice body, apparently. Objectively better looking than Roger. And he's a doctor, so it's not like he's unemployed or something, regardless of how high he'll go in his profession. And that scene about the seating arrangements showed a pretty open and supportive relationship between them. Joan was snippy, but he took it well and they got to a good compromise. Imagine the same conversation between Don and Betty. Lots of distancing, I think. (Again, I cannot emphasize enough that I'm ignoring his disgusting behavior in the office for purposes of this discussion.)