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mad men: 'the fog'

A third of the season is over already. I can't believe that! But I'm going to focus on all the episodes left in this season.

Season 3, Episode 5: The Fog
Betty and Don deal with Sally. Pete pursues a new angle in business. Betty has a strange dream.

Remember to track and come back.


Sep. 17th, 2009 03:49 am (UTC)
a good friend of mine, who is an absolute rainmaker, is being harrassed by our accounting person because he's not filling out expense reports properly and mis-managing his vacation bank. And I'm like, "Fucking give him all of MY vacation you idiot, STOP HARRASSING THE GENIUS." Sorry, that scene just really...resonated with me. :-)
Heh-heh. :-) Art imitates life. Sorry for your friend!

- I did know Miss Farrell would be back and in Don's life, so I'm happy to see her. :-)
You did call that. It's true. :-)

Why did Hobart look funny when Don saw him in the hallway with his wife? I totally didn't get that.
Good question. Somebody I read on Monday suggested that he's embarrassed at having given so much of himself to a stranger. So it was like a walk of shame without sex. Sort of. ;-)

- I also liked Peggy touching the little booty on the gift and talking about Betty's third child. "It must be old hat by now."
Yes! I liked that, too. I thought I picked up some regret, some sadness at what she didn't get to experience by giving her baby away. Did you guys get that vibe?

Edited at 2009-09-17 03:50 am (UTC)