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(I'm setting this up early because I'm in a meeting all day and have no idea when I'll be home. Plus, I'll likely watch the Emmys tonight - If I'm lucky - and catch up on Mad Men tomorrow evening.)

Season 3, Episode 6: "Guy Walks Into an Advertising Agency"
A surprise visitor shows up at Sterling Cooper; Sally gets spooked by something (or someone); and Joan is the recipient of some surprising news.

As always, remember to track the conversation.



Sep. 22nd, 2009 02:34 am (UTC)
Sorry, it's just that the British guys took it as a given that McKetridge (?) would have to leave his position, and that line seemed to explain it. Hands down, my favorite moment so far this season.

Anyway...no, Tom, IMO Don and Joan didn't have a fling. I think it's what you said, they respect each other. They're both attractive, but that's not what it's about for them. Their attractiveness is part of their power, and they appreciate that about each other. That's how I think about their relationship.

Moreover, I think I'd be disappointed if they had had an affair, because that would undercut what I think they have, which is sort of cool.

I LOVED Joan putting the guy whose name I still can't remember in his place at the start of the episode.

There were several things in this ep that were sort of telegraphed. I honestly can't decide whether I enjoy that or am disappointed. I think I lean toward the former. The John Deere -- well I can't say I saw the severed foot coming, but I def saw some plate glass falling. And the Barbie discarded. And since Don told Betty about the promotion, you just knew he wouldn't get it. And when the British were oblivious to July 4th, I figured they had some come-uppance upcoming.

Same feeling as the ep where Gene died; I was just waiting all episode for him to die. But in a way it's sort of satisfying. I guess you can't watch this much TV and not develop superpowers, right? You guys certainly had the same thoughts.

Thank god Betty still looks 4 months pregnant. I expect nothing less from you Weiner. And I continue to be impressed with the subtlety and complexity of Don and Betty as parents. Nice jobs all around.

Yay for Connie reappearing! Like Don, I had no idea who he was until you guys told me. :-)