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the olympics


Now maybe the city can focus on something other the getting the bid.

But WTF eliminating us first? Screw the IOC.



Oct. 2nd, 2009 07:15 pm (UTC)
I'm disappointed, but I'd like to think Tom's right, and it's more about fairness and untapped possibilities than anything else. Rio could be interesting --- and I think it's a step forward for the IOC to choose a South American venue. I hope the investment will be a positive thing for Rio and its people.

FWIW, there's *rampant* disgust amongst people I know down here at the idea of President Obama's taking part in Copenhagen. They're critical enough already of the amount of time he's spent out of the Oval lately; I wonder how the end result of this is going to play with them.... I'll see some of them at a party I have to go to tonight; it should be interesting. I'm gonna try to talk about anything *but* politics, international or otherwise. ;) As usual.