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mad men: souvenir

These weeks are flying by way to quickly... How are we already on week 8?

Episode 8: Souvenir
Don decides to include Betty on a company business trip. Pete lends a hand to a neighbor in his apartment building.

Grab your martini and come and chat about the episode.


Oct. 5th, 2009 01:35 pm (UTC)
"Of the Republic of Dresses. Whoever can help me with this, because you're falling short."
That was one of my favorite lines. And what a shock to see Joan working in the department store. I love how she holds it together and helps Pete and looks down only when Pete walks away.

How awkward must that have been. I think Pete's "How have you been" comment over and over again shows that he was startled to see her there too.

The thing about Pete is just when you think he can be a decent guy he does something so awful. And I agree, Mary that neighbor was completely slimy.