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mad men: souvenir

These weeks are flying by way to quickly... How are we already on week 8?

Episode 8: Souvenir
Don decides to include Betty on a company business trip. Pete lends a hand to a neighbor in his apartment building.

Grab your martini and come and chat about the episode.


Oct. 5th, 2009 01:55 pm (UTC)
THANK GOD you said that because if you were feeling sympathetic or something for her this week we would have had words.

Ha. "Or something" is usually more like it. I feel like I understand her sometimes. This is not one of those times.

I guess I just wish I could figure out what's going on. Normally, MM's lack of exposition is something I like, but sometimes (for me) it gets in the way. (Like last week...I'm still not sure I get why Don wants to end his long friendship with Roger.)

Is she still angry at Don over old (as far as she knows) issues? Is she angry at herself about letting whatshisname kiss her and redirecting it at Don? She might actually be frustrated with her life and Rome just made that clear...but why lash out at Don? She's not taking it out on Sally, so it seems to be about Don. He is supportive about her Junior League thing, asks her to go to Rome, totally focused on her in Rome, and generous when they get back. Bastard. IDK, I just don't get it.