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stay classy, illinois democrats

Why don't we just hand over the governor's seat to the republicans right now? It would at least spare us a lot of grief since this story is getting worse and worse.

The candidate for Lt. Governor is vowing to stay in the race despite news of a 2005 arrest on misdemeanor domestic battery case involving an ex-girlfriend with a prostitution conviction.

I still don't understand how he managed to get elected. The only possible explaination was he peppered the media with his commercials about holding job fairs and people actually recognized his name.

I am so happy my father is in Florida and not paying as close to the news for this. I couldn't deal with his comments on this crazy.



Feb. 5th, 2010 06:48 pm (UTC)
Hell of a guy, isn't he?


After Blago it can't be said "It's just lieutenant governor." Clearly, my journalistic brethren in Illinois should've vetted him more thoroughly. But that's the state of journalism right now.

It's remarkable that his opponents didn't dig any of it up. Or bloggers, for that matter.