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episode 4: the rejected

Last week Joan survived being stitched up her husband and Don and Lane hit the town. This week we get an episode with Pete.

Epsidoe 4: The Rejected

An edict from Roger and Lane puts Pete in a personal dilemma.

One can only imagine what is going to happen this week with Pete. 


Aug. 16th, 2010 02:59 pm (UTC)
Loved Allison's exit. Who hasn't wanted to throw something at Don?

Me too! I liked her line about Don turning on the charm and then pulling it back. That is exactly the problem, as Allison tries to get her bearings after the one night stand.

And I like how direct she was with him when she quit. It was also another great illustration of the miscommunication between the sexes. She said they couldn't pretend it hadn't happened, and offered that they had both made a mistake, and Don responded well at first. With that first line, I felt like she was almost meeting him halfway, and he understood her words. She wasn't acting like a victim, but a willing participant who was confused about the landscape post-sex.

But then Don offered to sign any recommendation letter Allison wrote. He thought he was doing something nice! He thought he was offering her the best possible recommendation letter. But what he was doing was offering NO personal investment in this parting. (And, as a man, he assumes Allison is capable of writing a glowing letter about herself, which she isn't.)

Someone should write a piece on just that aspect of MM alone, because they do a great job of it. Also in this episode, Freddy sits behind the glass and concludes, "See? They're all just crying about getting married." He's not wholly wrong (especially as Peggy is sitting next to him, playing with an engagement ring she doesn't really want), but he's missing the point entirely.

Perhaps she'll get Peggy to dump that loser that is "renting her vagina". (Loved that line.)

Yeah, I agree. Didn't you all spot that new guy the second he stepped into frame? I thought, "Oh yeah, here's the guy for Peggy."

It once again illustrates how much power Lee has over SCDP.

Yeah, and...I think it was one of the recent MM articles I read that pointed out that cigarette advertising was going to be banned in a year or two.

Because I'm in a professional services firm, like SCDP, having a client that's over half your billigs is such a glaring issue that I'm suprised they aren't more focused on solving that. This was my thought when they told Pete to drop Clearasil for Ponds. Wrong direction! Maybe Pete's Vicks win will be a really good thing.