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episode 4: the rejected

Last week Joan survived being stitched up her husband and Don and Lane hit the town. This week we get an episode with Pete.

Epsidoe 4: The Rejected

An edict from Roger and Lane puts Pete in a personal dilemma.

One can only imagine what is going to happen this week with Pete. 


Aug. 16th, 2010 11:03 pm (UTC)
when I said she was "meeting him halfway" I meant that she was making an effort not to act like a victim.
Yes. I should have said that when she was talking to Peggy she still felt like a victim, but that by the time she talked to Don she was willing to concede -- in her mind at the least -- that he'd offered her no indication that he was interested in some kind of relationship with her. Which I believe was a point you made from the outset. :-)

So, confronted with Don being all businesslike, she can't pretend anymore and that must be pretty unbearable.
Yeah, evidently.

But then, this comes back to the point we've been collectively making about, in this instance, Don breaking his own (unspoken) rule about sex with subordinates. Or his (again, unspoken) rule to only have (non-prostitution) sex with women were mutual attraction is understood. Midge, Rachel, Bobbie, Joy and Abigail were all varying degrees of attracted to him before Don made a sex-initiating move.

Allison's an adult, and Don didn't force her to do anything. But it sounds like we all hold Don 51 percent (or more) responsible because he used to know better. Am I reading you guys correctly on this?