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episode 4: the rejected

Last week Joan survived being stitched up her husband and Don and Lane hit the town. This week we get an episode with Pete.

Epsidoe 4: The Rejected

An edict from Roger and Lane puts Pete in a personal dilemma.

One can only imagine what is going to happen this week with Pete. 


Aug. 17th, 2010 12:01 am (UTC)
Yeah, I hadn't thought about it before, Tom, but I agree that Don has always been involved with very willing participants, who are coming from a place of strength and who are either pursuing him or in a comfortable place from which to accept his advances. (Midge was outside his circle of influence; Rachel was his client, for god's sake; Suzanne (?) was a little vulnerable, but definitely met him half way; Bobbie had plenty of power and also her hand down his pants every chance she got.)

All of which leads me to agree with you that he's more responsible this time. I think I'd hold Don more than 51% accountable. Only because he's her boss and a power relationship like theirs is no place for sex.

I mean (even at that time) within those boundaries there are definitely different kinds of situations. Like Jane and Roger or Joan and Roger. Not advisable, but Jane and Joan seemed very happy to be involved with Roger and not at all afraid for their jobs or their hearts. I have had...experiences with people in power relationships with me, and there was nothing abusive about them.

I just think that, in this case, Allison was NOT in a strong position relative to Don. IMO, he shouldn't have laid a finger on her. Even doing someone else's secretary would have been better than Allison.

Plus...I would think a responsible man of that era would want to be very careful with a woman's "virtue." A good guy would know the difference between a Midge and an Allison -- in terms of the stakes for her and act accordingly.

Having said all that, in no way am I suggesting that I saw Don force himself on Allison. She stopped, decided she wanted it, and went forward. She knew what might happen, what she might feel like, but she wanted him anyway. I get that. And she does seem to have moments where she accepts half of the responsibility for what happened.