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episode 5: the chrysanthemum and the sword

Much to discuss. Much to discuss.

Episode 5: The Chrysanthemum and the Sword
Don and Pete go against Roger in efforts to win a new account.


Aug. 23rd, 2010 04:04 am (UTC)
That was fun! I loved the Honda fake-out. Joan was born for it, of course, and Joey and Peggy driving in circles on a set. Ha!

And omg it's Smitty! Of Kurt and Smitty! Wasn't I just missing them aloud last week? Ted (HITG from Desperate Housewives, btw) dismisses him: "You know what, why don't you go work for your boyfriend, get out! And give me 20 words for 'pimples' get out!!"

I also liked how Cooper and Sterling knew the Japanese, but in very different ways. That Roger scene with the Honda people was so awful to watch. And I loved the scene with Joan and Roger later. "Since when is forgiveness a better quality than loyalty?" Joan: "You fought to make the world a safer place, and you won, and now it is." Very nice.

Onto other subjects: isn't Henry a better dad than either of Sally's parents? Wow, loving the heck out of Henry this week. I think my favorite moment was how he called Betty out immediately (implying that the slap was really directed at Don) but in such a way that Betty responded. And then he suggests therapy, which is going to end up benefitting his wife immensely. Love Dr. Edna -- she struck me as very spot-on. :)


Peggy (regarding the woodpecker): "Don't touch it!! I want to see how long it goes."

Mrs. Blankenship! I hope they don't fire her for a few more episodes.


Don: "You LET me?"
Price: "You think Joan can rent stage space without talking to me?"