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episode 8: the summer man

Last week's episode was easily in the top 5 of all Mad Men episodes. Words cannot express just how much I enjoyed that episode.

So the big question is how will Weiner follow up last week's epic episode? 

(And how long until Weiner finds a way to fire the person who accidentally posted the clips to episode 8 on the AMC website instead of episode 7.)

Episode 8: The Summer Man

Joan and Peggy deal with high-jinx in the office.


Sep. 13th, 2010 05:19 am (UTC)
I know a lot of people aren't fans of voice-overs but I thought it worked well in tonight's episode. We learn quickly that Don is trying to change his life and get a handle on his drinking. And really any vehicle that allows us to see Don swimming or without a shirt on is okay with me. ;-)

I really liked the use of "I Can't Get No Satisfaction" by the Rolling Stones.

Also, we learned another thing about Don. He didn't finish high school. Interesting. He really is a self-taught man.

Don goes on a date with Bethany and bumps into Betty and Henry. Awkward. But whereas Don moves on, Betty obsesses about it. And then proceeds to drink to much and behave like a child. Interesting that Henry tells her she behaved like a child. I know he is older than her but more and more I feel like he's the grown up and she's one of the children.

Speaking of children... please for the love of god Don, don't date Bethany. She's a younger version of Betty and that's not what you need. You need an adult.

Interesting that he didn't sleep with Faye. That's big for Don. He really is trying to change his ways.

The last scene was fascinating. Don looked so happy playing with Baby Gene. Betty behaved as an adult for once. But I thought the look on her face while she was watching Don to be interesting. "We have everything." Was Betty trying to convince herself? The look on her face made me wonder if she wasn't regretting things, even just a little.