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episode 8: the summer man

Last week's episode was easily in the top 5 of all Mad Men episodes. Words cannot express just how much I enjoyed that episode.

So the big question is how will Weiner follow up last week's epic episode? 

(And how long until Weiner finds a way to fire the person who accidentally posted the clips to episode 8 on the AMC website instead of episode 7.)

Episode 8: The Summer Man

Joan and Peggy deal with high-jinx in the office.


Sep. 13th, 2010 04:09 pm (UTC)
I think doing so is going to change things for Peggy. You saw a little bit of it in the reaction from the Harry, Stan and that other guy. Her relationships with the boys are going to change.
The relationships will change, Gatzy, but I think for the better. Whatshisname from the Waldorf, the liberated one? He said "the power of the poontang," which while vulgar and insulting, does acknowledge that Peggy has power in the office.

Joan was trying to chip away at getting rid of Joey, but she wasn't getting anywhere, and the demeaning, disrespectul behavior would've continued in the meantime. Joan was trying to get someone else to fire Joey, too. The difference is, she was trying to get it done without her fingerprints on it.

I wonder if her reaction to Peggy isn't about Joan's control issues, insisting that things be done her way. Peggy found a way to change an unacceptable situation that, evidently, isn't open to Joan, and Joan doesn't like that. So instead of thanking Peggy for reducing sexual harassment at SDCP -- really, introducing the concept of sexual harassment, and that it's unacceptable -- she demeans Peggy's actions.