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episode 8: the summer man

Last week's episode was easily in the top 5 of all Mad Men episodes. Words cannot express just how much I enjoyed that episode.

So the big question is how will Weiner follow up last week's epic episode? 

(And how long until Weiner finds a way to fire the person who accidentally posted the clips to episode 8 on the AMC website instead of episode 7.)

Episode 8: The Summer Man

Joan and Peggy deal with high-jinx in the office.


Sep. 13th, 2010 10:03 pm (UTC)
Being feared as a humorless bitch might not be that bad of a deal for Peggy; there are other potholes for being seen as "one of the guys" for her, too.
does acknowledge that Peggy has power in the office.
I would have preferred her to fire him for his work, not his behavior.

If memory serves it sounded like Joey wasn't doing great work anyway. I think if Joey were delivering the goods, he might have been able to stick around. But to not be delivering and be an ass, there's no incentive to keep you around.

This is still early in the days when sexism was something that women just had to deal with even if they had power. (My comment is based on my aunt's stories from working at Leo Burnett)

Also, Joey's mother issues? Go take it somewhere else
Yeah, that was a bit much. I have a feeling that if Joey ever finds a woman and ever manages to get managed it won't last. Or she's be some poor woman without a spine.