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episode 10: hands and knees

It's Sunday so that means it's tome for another episode of Mad Men.

Episode 10: Hands and Knees
An unannounced visitor at the Francis home rattles Betty.

(I'm hoping this episode is better than I anticipate. Expectations are low since Betty annoys me.)


Sep. 27th, 2010 05:02 pm (UTC)
Betty even covered for Don. Betty. I think, im that moment in the foyer, she realized that it would be terrible for her children to have Don exposed, and thus decided to answer the agents' questions ... skillfully.

You might be right that the kids played into it. Though I wasn't surprised at all that she covered for him. I think their feelings for each other are complex. To back up a sec, think about their conversation on the Beatles tickets. When he called, she was in a sort of neutral posture -- then she was delighted for Sally and amused/grateful toward Don. During the conversation about the defense dept. interview, he calls her "Bets" without thinking...

She's often furious at him, and she snaps at him, and she hates him for all the years of cheating, etc. But, just IMO, I don't think she even considered exposing him. Both because that would require whole nother level of hatred (which I don't think she has) and because it's just in her nature to be discreet.

Joan carries an awful lot, doesn't she? There she is, back at the office, saying "I feel good." Maybe she does, actually. She doesn't seem to be one burdened by regret, one to let regret interfere with the order of her world.

Good point, Tom. I don't always like Joan, but you have to admire her. She's a real survivor. I think that's partly what prompts the harsh behavior we see once in awhile -- she loses patience with people who she sees as weak or stupid or who don't have her nerves of steel.