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episode 12: blowing smoke

Only one more episode after tonight. BOO.

This week:
Episode 12: Blowing Smoke
In the midst of a crisis, Don runs into an old friend.


Oct. 12th, 2010 08:20 pm (UTC)
I love it when Vincent Kartheiser makes Pete almost a caricature. There were moments when he was going nuts over Don's stunt where it was like he was turning into a cartoon before my eyes.

Don is really not a leader. Not the first time he's shown us this, but I find that aspect of his character really interesting. The way people all want to follow him, but he's not a leader because he has no purposeful leadership instincts. He often knows where he's going and he's so clear about that that people are drawn to it and line up behind him. But I imagine him turning around to the throng and saying, "What are you all doing back there?"

I mean, when they lose their meeting and things look bleak, Peggy goes to him to strategize and look for guidance and he's all, "How the hell should I know?" He's so wrapped up in his own torment about it, it doesn't even occur to him to use his influence to align people in...ANY direction. I think, 10 years hence, Peggy could maybe be what Don is not.

I'm so sick of being the Betty apologist, but I gotta say, if I saw my little daughter going to what is certainly not her first clandestine meeting with the boy who gave me that icky moment and then probably broke into my house and trashed it, I would yank her outta there so fast her hair bow would sorta hang in the air for a moment and then drop to the ground. I feel bad for Sally and Glenn, but tell me you didn't expect those playdates to turn gross at any moment.

I mean, I wouldn't have moved, but I would have kept an eye on Sally.

I just love Dr. Edna.

Do you guys think Megan knows what's going on between Faye and Don? I think Faye at least suspects something between Megan and Don, the way she said, "Have your girl make a reservation."