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Jan. 9th, 2011 01:33 am (UTC)
I think the talk of powerhouse night crap is for the advertisers. They are kidding themselves if they really believe that people watch tv they way they did back when Seinfeld and Friends ruled Must See- TV Thursdays. The problem is that creates issues for the folks that pay the bills.

. Having said that, my gut says it has a more tenacious fanbase than most shows. Of the people I know (LJ and non-LJ) who watch MM, it's a very high-priority show.
Yeah, that's my feeling too. Most people I know are committed to the show. I rarely missed it the night it aired. And sometimes that meant staying up late. But that's something I do because I love the show.

Other shows can pile up on the DVR and I eventually get around to them. Mad Men isn't like that.

The thing that troubles me is the contract. Remember two years ago when there was the dust up? Both sides fired shots at each other and the only one that could have lost was the fans. I'm hoping there is no protracted contract negotiations.