Gatz (gatsbyfan) wrote,

goodbye 1970s

I'm on the board for my condo association. I know. But really considering some of the idiots I live with it's a good thing that I'm on the board.

The past year or so we (neighbor who is now President and I) have been pushing for some money to redecorate. The previous President (now VP) is in his 80s and doesn't want to spend any money on decorating. He thought the 35yr old carpeting was fine. (This is the same carpeting that was described by on resident as looking like Las Vegas.)

So when the old VP resigned (and later passed away) we pushed to make some changes.

I'm happy with the results. Not all the old folks are happy. But I've seen some of their living rooms. They still have the flocked wallpaper or "starving artists paintings". Their opinion is of no interest to me.

Best part we came in under or budget.

Before - The first thing you saw walking in the door. Hello dirty chairs and hideous wallpaper.

You know you're jealous... You wish you had that snazzy carpeting or stylish wicker basket. (no comment)

Hello huge overgrown plant in the middle of the floor. Try not to look at the orange chair in the corner.

There are no words for the hideousness that is that couch.

SO MUCH BETTER. I'm not a fan of the botanical prints but they have similar colors and look good on the wall.

I want this mirror even though I have no room for it. It's gorgeous. And I love the chair too.

Those of you who have seen my house will no doubt be surprised that I picked the pattern on this chair.

Another view.

Don't you just want to sit in those chairs. They are comfy. I helped pick the colors and my neighbor picked the paisley. I was a little nervous at first but I think it turned out great.

Tags: decorating

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