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Mad Men: Lady Lazarus

Season 5, Episode 8: Lady Lazarus
Peggy is irritated by a secret she has to keep. Pete covers for a friend and Don gets unexpected news.

Come share your thoughts on this episode.



May. 7th, 2012 04:42 am (UTC)
I have to say I was impressed with Don. He's growing. He's clearly not happy with Megan's decision but he's being supportive.
He really is.

Megan is not the problem.
You didn’t want her there. You were threatened by everything about her.
I spent more time training...

It's interesting that each fires at the other with their perception of the other's feelings about Megan, and they're both wrong. Peggy was thoroughly supportive of Megan, but she is pissed that Megan is giving up on something she's good at. I really liked her telling Joan that she thinks Megan is just good at everything.

Of course Peggy is going to bear the brunt of his reaction to Megan leaving.
Don's supportive of Megan's pursuit of her dream, but as you point out he's also disappointed that she's giving up advertising. So yeah, he's going to throw his misperceptions at Peggy.

Loved when they pulled back and showed that the female Cool Whip person was still in the room. The depth of Peggy and Don's friendship is such that they're up to having it out in front of strangers.

Bless Joan. I loved how she told Peggy that she thought Megan would fail.
Yeah, Joan has come to like and respect Peggy, but she isn't quite on board the Sisterhood Train just yet.