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Mad Men: Lady Lazarus

Season 5, Episode 8: Lady Lazarus
Peggy is irritated by a secret she has to keep. Pete covers for a friend and Don gets unexpected news.

Come share your thoughts on this episode.



May. 7th, 2012 04:50 am (UTC)
I agree, Tom, Pete is impulsive, bumbling and just wrong. Credit to Vincent Kartheiser for making me feel some kind of sympathy for Pete in this pathetic situation.

Didn't last long though. :) ...

Pete: "Why do they get to decide what's going to happen?"

Um... because they have several answers, namely "Yes, No, Not Yet, and Maybe If Things Change." And you have one answer: "Yes." That's why.

But the more fundamental thing is holy cow, Pete, really? Women are in charge? In your world? It's nothing new, the Poor Me version of misogyny, and it absolutely works on Pete. But in the context of all the sexual discrimination of the show, it's breathtaking.