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Mad Men: Dark Shadows

Season 5, Episode 9: Dark Shadows
Don becomes competitive and Roger seeks new business. Sally faces a challenge.

Don't forget the cast of Mad Men is on Inside the Actor's Studio tomorrow. Kiernan Shipka even busts a move.  (How adorable is she?!)



May. 14th, 2012 03:35 am (UTC)
I'm ready for Fat Betty to go away now. I'm having BSG Fat Lee flashbacks.

But OMG when she squirted whipped cream in her mouth and then spit it out! I felt such sisterhood. :)

I thought Betty's line at Thanksgiving dinner was so sad. "I'm thankful I have everything I want, and no one has anything better." Oh lord.

Interesting how insecure Don is. Both Don and Roger are passing off the ideas of the staff as their own.

I just loved the last scene between Roger and Jane. Fascinating how she says the sex was something he "did" and he totally accepts that. And he understands her point about tainting the apartment.

But lately I just love every moment Roger's on screen. It's possible Slattery is a bit like Roger minus the gross parts, in which case I think I love him.

Sally Draper has ice in her veins. Scary as fuck.