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Mad Men: Dark Shadows

Season 5, Episode 9: Dark Shadows
Don becomes competitive and Roger seeks new business. Sally faces a challenge.

Don't forget the cast of Mad Men is on Inside the Actor's Studio tomorrow. Kiernan Shipka even busts a move.  (How adorable is she?!)



May. 14th, 2012 05:38 am (UTC)
Ok, I actually watched the encore showing because this ep was sorta stuck in my head.

I love the scene where the staff are pitching the snowball ideas to Don. The show does a great job of distinguishing between the sensibilities of Don and the younger ones. I especially like the bit where Peggy lays out the "water, water, water, snowball" visual. Don suggests adding a joke, and Peggy says, "It already has a joke." Exactly right - the evolution of comedy is, partly, about counting on subtext.

On second viewing, I liked the Ginsberg/Roger and Ginsberg/Don stuff even more.
R: "It involves a client dinner."
G: "...and MURder."
Roger is actually quicker-witted than Ginsberg; Ginsberg just being his whimsical self, which might throw a different guy, but Roger just moves on.

For example, when Roger tells Ginsberg he needs ideas for Manichewitz:
G: "You assume I'm Jewish!"
R: "Stop talking."
Compared to Don or maybe Cooper, Roger never seems back on his heels.

Don is sometimes a little unsettled by Ginsberg, possibly because he was always Creative and he feels competition from the younger version. But I do love the scene in the elevator where Don reminds Ginsberg "Good thing you work for me."

The second time, the Betty stuff was even more poignant to me. The way she looks at Megan dressing, the way she measures her food, defining her victories in half-pounds lost. I think what struck me was that Betty probably isn't overweight, by any medical definition, yet her weight has taken over her life. This is such a common condition -- so many women know what it's like to take a bite of something and spit it out, or to be mad at yourself for not losing weight and take it out on someone else.

So when Don says something about Betty "sticking her fat nose" into his business, it's like a slap in the face. Identifying with Betty, I wanted to kill him for that comment.

And the neat thing about a second viewing is that I'd seen Sally lie to Betty (about the conversation with Don about Anna)... and then saw the start of the episode where Megan teaches Sally to cry on cue. *shudder*