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Mad Men: Christmas Waltz

Sorry it's a little late. I was out of town until this morning. 

Season 5, Episode 10: Christmas Waltz
Lane's in hot water, Pete can't get no satisfaction, Harry checks out the Hare Krishnas and Don and Joan go for a ride and have a drink.

I'll be back after I finish unpacking and taking a long nap. Those 6AM flights are killers.



May. 22nd, 2012 06:37 pm (UTC)
All that flirty fun aside ... I like that Megan was pissed at Don for coming home late for dinner and let him have it. I also like that Don sat there in his wrongness, being wrong. He tried to pass it off as normal business activity, and while some of it was, most of it was not. It's OK to have a couple drinks with your hot, platonic friend, but it's not OK to do so while you partner waits for you to come home for dinner.