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Mad Men: The Phantom

And just like that Season 5 comes to a close. :(

These seasons of Mad Men go by way too quickly.

Season 5, Episode 13: The Phantom
Opportunity is in the air for everyone and Pete meets a stranger on the train.

In addition to discussing this episode, let's talk final thoughts for the season and where Mr. Weiner might possibly go next.



Jun. 12th, 2012 12:18 am (UTC)
And now begin the games parsing Weiner comments to determine if he is giving us hints at what's to come.

Is Megan gone or will she be back?
Toward the very end of the finale, “We see her on the [Butler Shoes commercial] set and we realize that she’s gone,” says the series creator.

Don “knows that if he gives Megan what she wants, she could possibly leave him,” Weiner says, adding that nevertheless, the screen test changes Draper’s mind about helping his wife land the commercial audition.
“I think it’s almost a story of sacrifice, that he sees her on that film and falls in love with her again and realizes that he has to do this,” Weiner says.


It seems possible to me. And it would certainly please a lot of the Megan haters out there.

Personally I'm more concerned about Peggy. In my mind her character is too important to the show. If she weren't to remain, I don't think the show would remain MUST SEE for me. The good thing is that when the new season starts up, they could be a year ahead and Peggy could be back at SCD(P?) and with a larger role.