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Mad Men: The Phantom

And just like that Season 5 comes to a close. :(

These seasons of Mad Men go by way too quickly.

Season 5, Episode 13: The Phantom
Opportunity is in the air for everyone and Pete meets a stranger on the train.

In addition to discussing this episode, let's talk final thoughts for the season and where Mr. Weiner might possibly go next.



Jun. 12th, 2012 12:47 am (UTC)
There were a lot of comments on twitter upset that it was him. It couldn't have been Don? Or even a side boob of Megan? Him???
Ha! Well, we were presented Megan side boob in the season premiere. Funny thing: Before I read this, one of my work Mad Men friends was saying that near the end of the episode, she was wondering when the nudity was going to happen, and presumed that Rory's side boob (she called her that, too) wasn't it.

She also would have preferred a serving of Hamm. :)

Also sign of the times when his bare ass has a twitter handle: http://twitter.com/RogersMudFlaps
I had just started following before I started this reply. He/she is pretty funny. :)