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Mad Men: The Phantom

And just like that Season 5 comes to a close. :(

These seasons of Mad Men go by way too quickly.

Season 5, Episode 13: The Phantom
Opportunity is in the air for everyone and Pete meets a stranger on the train.

In addition to discussing this episode, let's talk final thoughts for the season and where Mr. Weiner might possibly go next.



Jun. 21st, 2012 05:46 pm (UTC)
But I think I understand her regret -- maybe she felt he wasn't well-prepared to get knocked around like one does in that environment, especially with the weak foundation (apparently) built by his father. I think she was feeling Lane's vulnerability and hating the system that (seemingly) chewed him up. Not fair, but I think I understand.
I agree on your interpretation, Mary. That that's Mrs. Pryce meant.

But what she's saying is almost beside the point: While Mrs. Pryce was protective of Lane and aware of Lane's inability to withstand the rough nature of that environment, it wasn't Don's job to protect Lane from his relative frailty.

He was his business partner, not his big brother. They worked together, toward a goal of advancing their business, until Lane's actions made Don feel they couldn't work together anymore. Don also did the kindest thing he could under the circumstances -- giving him time to concoct the explanation for his departure -- and, sadly, Lane decided to take that time to kill himself.